The Core Purpose Drill Down Tool to Align Your Business & Marketing Strategies to Your Why

In this post, you’ll learn how to use the Core Purpose Drill Down tool to keep your purpose fresh, relevant, and compelling and make sure it can meet the demands of a great purpose—

  • To inspire you and your team to get out of bed each day and do your best work.
  • To serve as the connecting thread between your business strategy and your core values.
  • To align your marketing and all systems to your “Why” for maximum ROI.

Purpose Is Not Just For Beginners

If you’re growing, there’s always a deeper, clearer, simpler, or more compelling layer below the surface that won’t disclose itself until you’re ready for it.

What makes you ready? Typically, wanting or needing to do things differently to get better or different results during and after major life and business transitions – a new baby, health crisis, business startup or growth, succession, staff change, loss, or economic disruption, to name just a few.

In my last blog post, I talked about how purpose serves as the backbone of your business and how it can MAKE or BREAK your marketing impact, focus, and productivity. Here, I give you a powerful tool for deepening and clarifying your purpose.

Drill Down To The Core To Hit Purpose Pay Dirt


The Core Purpose Drill Down technique is simple and quick. It involves asking a three-part question in each of two or more subsequent rounds.


  1. Start the first round of questions this way: If you achieve ______________________, what will you be able to do? (*In the blank, insert your purpose or most desired result.)
  2. Then, follow up by asking: …And, how will you feel?
  3. Then, follow up again by asking …And, what will you get?


  1. Start the second round this way: If you are able to do (or feel, or get) ______________________, what will you be able to do? (*In the blank, insert an answer from the previous round.)
  2. Then, follow up by asking: …And, how will you feel?
  3. Then, follow up again by asking …And, what will you get?

That’s the basic structure of the Drill Down.

Go through at least two rounds. Even if you think you’ve hit pay dirt on the first round, another round may surprise you. Or, it will confirm that you had already gotten to where you needed to be.

A Case Example–The Drill Down In Action

Here’s how the Core Purpose Drill Down helped my client, Richard, shift from feeling stuck and bored to inspired and propelled forward.

When we first started working together, I asked Richard, “What is your purpose for yourself in your business right now?” He answered that it is to increase revenues by selling services, build up his staff, and increase his referrals.

That’s more of a strategic plan, or business strategy than a clear and compelling purpose.

Purpose is a prerequisite…for full marketing impact and profitability because it aligns your strategies, focus, and actions to get the results you want.

As he talked about his purpose, Richard spoke with a “should-do” air and a lot of stress in his voice. He felt like he was on a treadmill trying to tick off “should-do’s” without much time for “love-to’s.” He lacked a true purpose statement to inspire, engage, and align his business and marketing strategies with his “why.”

Then, I asked him the first Drill Down question:

“Richard, if you got or achieved all of those things—more revenues, staff, and referrals—what would you be able to get? How would you feel and what would you be able to do?”

He said that he’d be able to focus on the work he enjoys most and feels best equipped to do. And, he’d finally focus on the tasks he’d been dragging his heels on, like updating his website. Then, he expressed his biggest fear that if he couldn’t communicate his value better, he would fail his clients and himself.

The first and last things he said broke through everything else:

(1) Richard wanted to focus on work he enjoyed most, and

(2) He believed that not communicating his true value was holding him back.

Again, however, communicating his value better is a strategy or goal, not a purpose. And, not having a clear and compelling purpose to align his strategies and propel him towards growth made him vulnerable to stress from the constant barrage of pain-targeted marketing and sales pitches.

Do you get flooded with these too? They essentially tell you: “You’ll be a fool or a failure without my social media marketing services, or my training program, or, or, or…”

So, I started the second round of the Drill Down and asked:

“Richard, if you communicated your value better, what would you get and be able to do? And, how would you feel?”

His answer came immediately in the full-bodied tone of truth: “I’d be able to go to my office each day and feel like I was going to see my best friends, because the clients I’d have would feel like my friends, and communicating with them would be easy because I could be myself.”

There it was. And, it took just two rounds of the Drill Down. Richard’s clear and compelling purpose was ‘to bring health and vitality to his best and most valued friends—his ideal clients—by bringing the best of himself to his work every day.’

More Tips For Using This Simple Tool

As a talented practitioner, you know that part of the art of what you do is in the questions you ask and the gentle ways you guide your clients to express what they most need and want. Here are a few more tips to help you start using the Core Purpose Drill Down:

  • You don’t have to ask the questions in lockstep, as Richard’s story illustrates.
  • The approach works best when you improvise, based on the answers you get along the way.
  • How many rounds you do is up to you.

You’ll know when you hit pay dirt, as I did with Richard, when his voice deepened and relaxed as he spoke about what was most true and compelling for him. It’s that same tone when your client really “gets” something you’ve said or explained. Except in this case, they’re connecting on a deep level with something they’ve heard themselves say.

For caring, service-minded people, it’s often a lot easier to do for others what you most need to receive for yourself.

So, if you’d like me to do this with you, be sure to grab one of my free consultation slots. And, try out the Drill Down tool and let me know by email how it went and if you have questions. You can reach me at I read all of my emails and will reply quickly!


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