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Does Your Business Have ADD/ADHD, Even If You Don’t (or Do)?

Your business can develop temporary or permanent attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) at any time, even if you or other leaders in your company don’t have it.

Business ADD/ADHD steals focus and can create strain, pain, and unnecessary loss of productivity and profits.

10 Warning Signs That You May Be Dealing with Business ADD/ADHD

If you have one or more of these symptoms, you and/or your business may be dealing with some stage of Business ADD/ADHD:

  1. You feel overwhelmed, scattered, or unfocused, despite your best intentions.
  2. You need to be more systemized, but don’t have time to figure it out.
  3. You have a hard time getting to your biggest goals.
  4. You start on projects and goals but don’t finish.
  5. You are swamped with priorities vying for your attention.
  6. You fear dropping one or more of the plates you’re spinning.
  7. You fear the crazy busy-ness of success as much as, if not more than, you fear failure.
  8. You’re working harder and longer but not getting more done.
  9. You keep finding yourself in firefighter mode.
  10. You feel like you’ve fallen into your email Inbox and you can’t get out.

Does Business ADHD Only Develop in Your Business If…

You have ADHD (attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity)?

The culture, values, or people are inherently flawed?

No and No! All businesses are at risk during time of too little growth, too much growth, or just the right amount of growth. These conditions of growth can stress you, your team, and your business systems, leadership, and relationships and your marketing strategy.

Won’t the Problems Stop If I/We Just Work Harder?

No! The only solution is to work smarter and different. Business ADHD is not caused by laziness, intentional ill will, or lack of commitment or intelligence. Personalizing and pushing harder only makes it worse.

The Down Side of Growth

Again, the really good news is that business ADHD often is a result of growth. But there’s a down side to growth that you can plan for or take control of:

  • Everything is bigger and more complex.
  • The way you’ve always worked doesn’t work anymore.
  • You need to deal with staff or virtual assistants.
  • You fix one problem and another pops up.
  • Running the business takes more and more time.
  • You’re not having as much fun in your business as you used to and want to.
What Happens When You Ignore The Symptoms?
  • You and your business get stuck in gridlock or overwhelm.
  • Clients don’t come back or recommend others to you.
  • You begin to fear success as much, if not more than failure.
  • Staff don’t do what you need them to do.
  • You wonder if you are in the right profession.

5 Keys to Transform and Prevent Business ADHD

The best way to control, prevent, or turnaround Business ADHD is to take a step back. Go slow while you realign to your purpose, and then go really fast while you create long-term growth and profit-ability:

  • Clarify your core purpose and values and realign your business strategy, communication, marketing, and systems to them.
  • Identify and understand the factors that are limiting your growth.
  • Assess your hidden and blocked strengths and unleash them.
  • Learn and practice accountability skills so they become habits.
  • Improve your communication skills with clients, staff, and yourself.

Growth Often Hurts, But Suffering is Optional

If you are smart and stuck, your business may have temporary (or permanent) Business ADD/ADHD. While there are hundreds of books and apps on how to get more done, getting it under control takes a special kind of business coach who understands:

  • How you got there in the first place.
  • Why you keep bumping into hidden limitations.
  • That temporary Business ADD/ADHD is common during growth and transitions.
  • That you are not just lazy or stupid, or not working hard or long enough.
  • That what the books and pundits say to do may not be the right approach for YOU.

If you feel like you or your business are under achieving and you want more money, time, and ease, please use the box on this page to schedule a free consultation with me now.

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