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Jody Jacobson, PhD, MSBA, MS

Dr. Jody Jacobson is the President of Jody Jacobson Coaching & Consulting. With over 20 years of experience working with C-suite executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs in technology, finance, health & wellness, and education, Jody is expert in helping her clients build long-term business growth and "profit-ability." Whether you want to get more ideal clients, make more money in less time, or improve communications for stronger sales and better relationships, Jody will help you break through your blocks, activate your biggest strengths, and build long-term profit-ability and success.

Jody individualizes her approach to meet each client's unique needs, style, and aspirations. She is on a personal mission to demystify the business and marketing sides of business with knowledge, humor, and creativity. When it comes to attracting ideal clients, Jody finds that people struggle with marketing not because it’s hard (it isn’t!) or because they lack confidence or are lazy and undisciplined. The problem she sees most often is "one-size-fits-all“ approaches that don't actually serve anyone who isn't already naturally good at marketing and selling.

Jody works with a limited number of clients each year to help them nail their niche, magnetically attract more ideal clients, and build strong business systems and relationships so they can sleep better and have more money, ease, and happiness. Her clients typically say, Wow, now that you’ve made it so simple, I can do that!”

Jody is the author of Organizational ADD: Refocusing Your Business for Growth, and is an internationally recognized expert on transforming Accidental Adversaries Dynamics (AAD) in the minds of individual owners and entrepreneurs, and in growing businesses-- when groups and individuals that should collaborate instead sabotage each other, block changes, and limit growth. She first observed AAD while working on a consulting project with Dr. Eric Schmidt, Alphabet Chairman and former Google CEO. When Jody focused her doctoral research on transforming the dynamic in technically-minded people, Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Harry Hendrickx, CTO, HP Europe, served on her committee, offering rave reviews about the importance of her work.

Jody's PhD in Social Psychology is from Tilburg University (The Netherlands), her MSBA in Management-Organizational Dynamics from Bucknell University, and her MS in Nutrition is from the University of Maryland-College Park. Jody is also a certified Book Yourself Solid® Business Development Coach and a certified Appreciative Inquiry Master Practitioner.

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